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Please plan to join us for the 2018 Procedure Symposium being held June 19-21 at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in the Charleston, SC historic district.

This is the 30th Annual Symposium! Make plans now for what should be a very rewarding and worthwhile event.

The 2017 Procedure Symposium held June 20–22 at the Clearwater Opal Sands Resort was a great success!

In attendance were 85 procedure professionals and managers representing the following industries and organizations:

The symposium offered numerous sessions, including:

In conjunction with the symposium, a full three-day PPA procedure writer certification class was also provided.

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PPA Standards Revisions

PPA AP-907-005.001, Functional Requirements for Advanced and Adaptive Smart Documents, is now approved and available for use. Thank you to everyone who participated in the development of this document.

Procedure Writer Certification

PPA, in collaboration with a number of member companies, has developed a procedure writer training program and certification based on industry recognized standards.

With its focus on human performance, this procedure writer training program is relevant to a number of industries other than nuclear, including fossil fuel, petroleum, and petrochemical.

This three-day training program will prepare individuals to consistently write human factored procedures that are in alignment with industry best practices.

PPA also offers a certification process for training program instructors.

Learn more.


Membership Opportunities

Anyone with an interest in developing best in class human factored procedures may join the Procedure Professionals Association. Learn more.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The annual Procedure Symposium provides multiple opportunities to showcase your products and services, and connect with your clients and potential customers. Please see Sponsorship Opportunities and Exhibitor Contract for details.

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