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Procedure Writer and Instructor Certification

PPA, in conjunction with a number of member companies, has developed an industry backed Writer Certification Program and makes this program available to individuals and organizations looking to improve their technical writing skills.

The following instructors are certified through PPA to provide this training:

PPA Writer Certification Program Description

Following the development of industry guidelines for the procedure processes, PPA initiated an industry effort to develop a training program for procedure writers. This initiative was kicked off because there was little training material for new writers.

The goal of the initiative was to develop a lesson plan that:

The lesson plan consists of the following three modules:

The full course can be taught in three days with additional time required for the dynamic learning activity and exam. It is expected that companies will supplement the course with their specific details necessary to complete a writer's training.

Certification is tracked by PPA and is granted upon completion of the course by a PPA Certified Instructor.

For the student, this course provides:

For the utility, this course provides:

For vendors, this course also provides:

PPA Writer Certification Program Materials are NOT to be reproduced without the explicit and expressed written consent of Procedure Professionals Association (PPA).

For information on procedure writer and instructor certification, please email Dwight Hargett at dlhargett@ppaweb.org.