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The 2018 (30th annual) Procedure Professionals Association Symposium held June 19-21 at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Charleston South Carolina was a great success!

In attendance were 109 procedure professionals and managers representing the following industries and organizations:

The symposium offered numerous sessions, including:

In conjunction with the symposium, a full two-day PPA procedure writer certification class was also provided.

Department of Energy (DOE)

The DOE Office of Nuclear Safety recently cancelled DOE-STD-1029-92, Writer's Guide for Technical Procedures. Based on discussions with DOE field element personnel and contractors, the Office of Nuclear Safety concluded that the purpose of DOE-STD-1 029-1992 is adequately fulfilled by the Procedure Professionals Association (PPA) voluntary consensus standards PPA-AP-907-005, Procedure Writers' Manual, and PPA-AP-907-001, Procedure Process Description. In July 2015, DOE-STD-1029-92 was cancelled in leiu of the PPA Standards. The PPA Standards have been updated to include DOE specific language.